Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Orange and White in action

Well, we didn't want to go thru the happy process of naming our new pets, the two fantail goldfishes, only to see them vanish from our lives in a short span of time. Goldfishes do have a decent life span... however, it is well known that most fishes die when you add them to a new aquarium.

So we simply decided to call them Orange and White... and they seem to like it too :)

P.S. No sounds.... hence no worries if you are viewing this from work/library/etc.... (thanks to my Olympus C765)


Right-er said...

Cute names for both..you didn't tell me their names when you were here. ANd nice idea of posting it as a video.

Right-er said...

One of our gold fish died..the big eyed, orange and black striped one..it had a life span of one full year..jan-dec 2008. It had been moping around in one corner of the tank this past week, and would not eat. So I guess, it had to go.