Sunday, January 6, 2008

Downtown Singapore

I was searching my external HDD for another file, and spotted this one. This one was clicked during Oct 2005, on my way back to India after my first US visit.

I had about half-a-day transit at Singapore, a country filled with sky scrapers and a beauty of its own. My ex-roomie Smitha and I were traveling back together, and managed to get a free 2-hour tour around Singapore [incl a boat ride!! :) ]. Thanks to the great minds at Singapore that promote tourism thru such free tours! :)

It was a warm and beautiful day... some clouds around too but luckily no showers. I am glad I took the tour with Smitha that year... I stopped by at Singapore again in mid-2006 too (third visit)but didn't go for the tour as I didn't have anyone to share the fun.

Having said that, I just realized that I had stopped by at Kuala Lumpur during my second and fourth visits to the US... but haven't posted too many pictures from those visits. Keep watching this space for more 'old memories'. Cheers!