Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Deception Pass @ Skagit Valley, WA

With nothing to do on Thanksgiving Day (yeah, not a Turkey-eater)...we decided to visit Deception Pass after a couple of hours debate on Bain Bridge Island v Deception Pass.

Gana and I have visited this place sometime in April this year, but Srinath has not. This was a good place to go on a bright and sunny (and chilly) day for multiple reasons, one among them being not-so-far-from-home. :)

For those familiar with NW, this place is about 90 miles North of Seattle, in Skagit Valley. So check it out if you are in town sometime around April coz you get a double bonanza - Tulip Festival + Deception Pass :)

P.S. Aravind - Hope I have done a decent job on adding more words to my post ;-)


Pramod Viswanath said...

Nice image. Why is the place called Deception pass? Is it because the some thing about this place is so deceptive?

Shree said...

Thanks Pramod. Here you go :)


Will check my archive for more pictures from my last visit to Deception Pass, and post them shortly.

gasmutai said...

Hey, nice work... with the pic and the words :-)